What is the Population of Bergen County Communities? A Comprehensive Guide

Bergen County, New Jersey is the most populous county in the state, with a population of 952,979 people. Middlesex and Essex Counties are not far behind, with 858,770 and 852,720 people respectively. When it comes to higher education, Bergen County has plenty to offer. The largest universities in the area are Bergen Community College, Ramapo College in New Jersey, and the metropolitan campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Bergen Community College awarded 2,130 degrees (25%), Ramapo College in New Jersey awarded 1,576 degrees (18.5%), and Fairleigh Dickinson University awarded 1508 degrees (17.7%).Bergen County is also home to a variety of industries that employ its residents. These include Bergen County Libraries, Bergen Community College, Bergen County Technical Schools, Bergen County Prosecutor, Bergen County Golf Courses, Bergen County Parks, Bergen County Election Officials and Accessibility Statement.

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