What is the Average Household Income in Bergen County, NJ?

Bergen County, New Jersey is a region with a high standard of living. The current Bergen County Sheriff, Leo McGuire, was unsuccessful in his attempt to secure a third term, as Emerson Police Chief Mike Saudino emerged victorious. The most prominent universities in the area, based on the number of degrees awarded, are Bergen Community College (2,130 and 25%), Ramapo College in New Jersey (1,576 and 18.5%) and the metropolitan campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University (1508 and 17.7%). This indicates that the incomes of Bergen County residents are significantly higher than the average income in the United States, with household incomes in the 99th percentile.

In the northwestern part of the county, Bergen County is again mountainous and shares the Ramapo Mountains with Rockland County, New York. During the American Revolutionary War, Bergen County experienced skirmishes as armies from both sides maneuvered through the area. In the 17th century, Dutch settlers viewed the area comprising the current counties of Bergen and Hudson as part of New Holland, their colonial province of the Dutch Republic. For the main surface routes that cross the county, see the List of routes for Bergen County, New Jersey. School districts across the county include the Bergen County Technical Schools and the Bergen County Special Services School District.

This chart shows the stock breakdown of the major industries for residents of Bergen County (New Jersey), although some of these residents may live in Bergen County (New Jersey) and work elsewhere. Upon entering World War I in April 1917, Camp Merritt was established in eastern Bergen County to organize troops. Education tends to be more correlated with income, and in Bergen County, 53% of adults have a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 31% nationwide. Law enforcement at a county level includes the Bergen County Sheriff's Office and the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office. The Bergen County court system consists of several municipal courts that deal with traffic courts and other minor matters, in addition to the Bergen County Superior Court, which deals with more serious violations. The Bergen Performing Arts Center (PAC) is headquartered in Englewood, while numerous museums are located throughout the county.

Bergen County enforces one of the last remaining blue laws in the United States that covers most retail sales, apart from food and gas (among other limited items). At the time of first European contact, Bergen County was inhabited by Native Americans, particularly by members of the Lenape nation whose subgroups included Tappan, Hackensack and Rumachenanck (later called Haverstraw), as they were referred to by Dutch colonists. In conclusion, it is clear that Bergen County has a high average household income compared to other areas in New Jersey and across America. This is due to its high educational attainment rate and its diverse range of industries that provide employment opportunities for its residents.

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